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The GECORP team has vast knowledge and experience in the field of strategic guidance of organizations.

Traditionally, strategy is linked to conduct of war, which finds its origin with Sun Tzu, the prehistoric Chinese general who would have written “The Art of War” , a book on military strategy and philosophy. Ever since many big military victories have been explained from a strategic perspective (see a.o. Lord Nelson and the battle of Trafalgar, General Vo Nguyen Giap of the North Vietnamese army and the Vietnam war, ...).
The military strategic principles have found their way to the world of business and have gone through quite some evolution there.

GECORP applies the contemporary strategic principles to Belgian SMEs where reigns a typical atmosphere of no nonsense entrepreneurship and where success is pursued with a healthy ambition.

What does strategy actually mean?

- “Strategy is the great work of the organization. In situations of life or death, it is the Tao of survival or extinction. Its study cannot be neglected.” Quote van Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Strategy implies that an organization identifies its competitive advantage and makes the most of it by using its available funds and capacities in order to achieve its aim.

Strategy allows us to determine HOW we achieve an aim, how we take up a challenge, how we tackle a problem.

A successful strategic policy must meet some basic conditions:
The company strategy is the key factor that allows an organization to distinguish itself from its direct competitors and the way in which it can take advantage thereof.

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