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Companies that are interested in knowing in what field GECORP can be useful to them, below find a survey of the files we recently handled.

As utmost discretion and professionalism are important values for GECORP, the testimonies are given on a sufficiently vague and anonymous base.

Company Establishment
A client had the ambition to start a new company. We assisted him in drawing up the business plan and in establishing a company. It allowed him to attract international partners and we are now counselling the company in merger negotiations with a company that is active in the same branch of industry.

Drawing Up a Business Plan
When a client was told by his financial institution that it was no longer willing to finance his investments, he asked us for advice. Together we have drawn up and defended a business plan, as a result of which the client could realize his project.

A client intended to sell the family business. On the advice of his accountant, he called us in to assist him and the family during the sales process: from drawing up an initial shareholders agreement between the original family members to negotiating a management agreement with the transferee, and anything in between.

Management Buy-out
For many years, a motivated management team has worked on the growth of the company where they are employed. We assisted the team in their search for risk capital to acquire the company.

Financing Instrument
A group of ambitious entrepreneurs wants to invest in real property and wishes to establish the appropriate instrument. Our strategic advice concerned the establishment of a real property CEIC quoted on the stock exchange.

Financial Problems
Because of the lasting financial and economic crisis, more and more companies are faced with liquidity problems. Formerly promised credits are threatened to be cancelled, unless drastic measures are taken. In order to avoid that the fixed assets have to be turned into cash, new arrangements are made with lenders in order to come to a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Shareholders Dispute
In a case in which a non-active minority shareholder blocked the expansion plans of the other active shareholders, because they did not serve his interests, we negotiated to have prevail the interests of the company. We made an evaluation of the company and negotiated with several financial parties in order to allow the active shareholders to acquire the minority share.

In a merger between two fellow companies active in the same branch of industry, we were asked to assess the value of one of the parties to the merger. Thanks to our professional approach, both parties agreed to also assess the second partner to the merger and to determine a common merger value on that basis.